TFMwebinar - June 2014 - New Beginnings - How the Runner will Return!©

In this Introductory Webinar, is an Introduction of who Twin Flames are. The First of a Series of Webinars, is now available for purchase to assist you in deepening your Twin Flame Union. Begin to FEEL yourself as a 5th D. Being! 

This Webinar was created and is the result of two years of intense guidance, and adjusting, to enable many people to truly feel their BODY guiding them even at times when clarity may not come, and due to the very physical nature of everybody's Ascent, we are giving some real ways of making it easier to feel what to do.
This webinar is intended to assist you in Prime Physical Positions for Breathing and to further deepen your Merge, & patterns to further open and expand your Channels and Brand New Chakras. EVEN if you have Met!

How the "Runner" (Elusive) Twin will Return
The Reasons WHY Twins cannot connect
New Body + Metaphysical Body
Prime Positions for Opening/Expanding Channels & Connections
For Intimacy/Merging and Your Sacred Sexual Union with Beloved
Written format of Positions
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