The Secret to Making Money in the New Recording Industry

There are forces influencing your career and your life that you do not understand. That is always true.  In this case, I will help you understand some of them in a way that matters.  Resistance is not futile, but your recognition of these forces must be nuanced and thoughtful to be effective. You have a choice of trying to sail directly against the wind and being pushed backward, or cutting angles across the wind to zig zag toward your destination.  I will teach you how.

You have a dream.  I will not dissuade you from trying to reach it. I will, however, encourage you to take the journey toward that dream in a way that each step is satisfying and rewarding, even enriching.  In this day and age, you may have the wrong dream.  Things have changed, and the ultimate goal of mega stardom—which has always been somewhat unrealistic—may soon be unattainable.  That is only because the aforementioned forces have changed the game. A win now is different than a win before.

If you follow my steps toward developing your career, you will actually increase the chances of wins like a record deal or worldwide fame.  But you will be making so much money already, you may opt to forgo those wins for better wins that allow you to keep your sanity. That part is up to you.

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