Singularity 1885

Singularity 1885

What is it About
The year is 1885 in England, but someone has already built an analytical engine that has reached technological singularity. The engine is a little box, powered by (probably) steam and clockwork, but it managed to upgrade its own intelligence, and did so over and over again, until it achieved super-intelligence. This device aspires to create the ideal world for the whole of humankind, and has devised a plan to do so, stretching hundreds of years into the future. Now it needs agents – clever and capable people – to act in the world on its behalf.

We have been working on Singularity 1885 since 2007. We’ve been working on it in our spare time between our day jobs and other projects, and by 2010 we completed the first chapter and had it printed. We showed it to friends and family, then reworked several sections in light of the feedback we received.

We visualise Singularity as a stand-alone graphic novel, with the story divided into 5 or 6 parts. The story combines lighthearted action and humour with some heavier stuff, mostly a moral discussion. It features light steampunk, fun characters and semi-fantastical adventures, aimed at fans of action-adventure series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Warehouse 13 (the earlier seasons); Ocean’s Eleven meets Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.

Where’s the Rest?
This kind of comics takes a loooong time to write, storyboard, sketch and ink, and we haven’t even decided about colouring yet. We hope to one day get back to it (and hopefully by then what we’ve already done won’t feel so outdated that we’ll have to re-do it), but until then the first part was just sitting in various forgotten folders, gathering virtual dust. We decided to release it to the wild, let it roam free, and maybe get some reader feedback along the way.

You can freely download Singularity 1885: Part the First from this webpage:
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