Like4Like Automation iMacros and AntiBot Deleter

Like4Like is one of the kings of social traffic exchange sites. You can get so many different social media services ranging from Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, StumbleUpon, SoundCloud, Pinterest and more.

With this offer you will get 18 iMacro scripts, including a MasterScript. And the AntiBot deleter. You also get an Instructions file that shows you how to install and use everything, and you get a 6 Month Warranty for everything!

These are the iMacros you will receive:

1. Facebook Follow
2. Facebook Like
3. Google+ Circle
4. Google+ Post Plus
5. Google+ Post Share
6. Instagram Follow
7. Instagram Likes
8. Pinterest Follow
9. Pinterest Repin
10. SoundCloud Follow
11. SoundCloud Likes
12. SoundCloud Reposts
13. Twitter Follow
14. Twitter Retweets
15. Twitter Likes (Favorites)
16. Youtube Likes
17. Youtube Subs
18. MasterScript combining Twitter Follow, Instagram Follow and Youtube Subs

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact me on one of my social media profiles. You can find them here:

Note: The Antibot works for ALL categories!!!

Note: Scripts updated and working well into 2018!

These are the best iMacros you will find online, at the cheapest price ever! Don't waste time, buy now!
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