Maps of the World - PowerPoint Deck Tools

Every slide designer needs a full set of top-quality maps that are scalable, editable, integrated into PowerPoint.

This is the complete master set that our teams use on client engagements, and we never need to get additional maps beyond this fantastic, complete set.  While it covers the full world, it leans heavily towards the most commonly needed maps of major countries and regions - perfect for most business, government, or nonprofit needs.

There are a lot of map sets out there, but this is the best we have ever seen, and now we are making it available for you to use in your own great slide decks. 

  • 300+ maps filling nearly any need

  • Includes full set of pins and location tags, national seals, key landmarks and more

  • Includes a series of "All-Star" slide examples of maps in use, an inspiration gallery of great uses of maps in slides that you can use to build phenomenal slides of your own

  • All .pptx slides, not various graphic files - No importing needed

  • Fully editable, scalable, vector graphics within the .pptx slides

  • Countries / provinces / states can be animated as needed

  • Recolor any states / countries in maps to match your brand’s style, or to highlight specific countries

Note to Avoid Silly Questions:  The enclosed pictures are obviously only a small fraction of the total maps described included.  They are provided for you to have an illustrative feel for the many, many, many maps included in the total pack, which consists of several files. 

Nonprofit Reminder:  As a reminder, all proceeds from the purchase of our tools and templates are used to offset the direct costs we incur in extensive pro bono work to support undergraduate leadership training programs that we volunteer for and give back to, but that comes at a real cost. Your assistance, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

License Reminder: This is a license for a single user to utilize this set of tools. License data is included in the file, and also available on our website

Common Sense Software Reminder: These are .pptx files for Microsoft PowerPoint. While they typically may be easily converted for use in other programs (such as Keynote, Google Slides, etc.), we are unable to guarantee any or all features in programs other than PowerPoint. Users of other programs are doing so at their own risk, and cannot be refunded if documents do not function in other programs as they do in PowerPoint.
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