What has influenced the rise of rape cases in the society?

1.Introduction (no need for a heading here): A brief summary of the problem, past research key concepts, importance of problem and need for your research. One paragraph that takes up half the page is sufficient.
2.Literature review: establishment of the problem. Bring in the summary from annotated bibliography here and streamline it. Be sure to cover main concepts from your review of literature, issues, the need for and importance of your research and possible implications. The section should end with a summation and how it links to the need for your research along with your research question or hypothesis if it is a causally-oriented quantitative study; if it is descriptive or qualitative define study objectives only. Use the key concepts as subheadings in APA formatting. This section should take up half to two thirds of your proposal.
3.Methodology: with brief description (e.g.: say not only "this will be a quasi-experimental study or this is an "ethnographic study"; state also the reasons for the design and how the sample is structured).
4.Participants for study: who, what, describe population and how you select your sample.
5.Ethical considerations: Please consider potential harm--there is always something--how will you address potential harm?
6.Measurement: key variables (see proposal template for more on this)
7.Data collection methods: with example of instrument (s) if possible (instrument samples usually are appendices). Explain how the data you gather will measure your hypothesis.
8.Analyses: quantitative studies-describe what statistical procedures you will use to answer specific questions--the tests you'll use; qualitative studies-describe what procedures you will use for analysis, categories, coding system, how you will reduce data to some conclusions.
9.Reporting: see proposal template for more on this.
10.References: listed in alphabetical order. Only references cited in text are used.
11.Appendices: additional elements such as instruments, forms, and letters.
•Grammar and style norms: APA Style (see references in Module 06 content)
•Written in future tense, and impersonal; as if the study would be performed after approval of the proposal.
•References: at least 10 references cited in text, only half of them can be from Internet; printed journals that have a site in the Internet are counted as print.
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