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You Are What You Think Speak Eat And Drink. Research Has Shown The Attitudes Beliefs We Contemplate Towards Self And Other People Mirror Itself In The Body Form.

Drink Lot's Of Pure Water Distilled Or Through A Reputable Water Filter. A Healthy Diet Plenty Of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables And Stress Free Living Is Recommended.

Audio/Video Intended For Male And Female.
A Just Listen And Or Listen/Watch. Headphones Not Required


My skin is beautiful
You have natural looking skin
Your skin is naturally clear
You have a perfect self image
You love your self
You like your self
I am wrinkle free
I am blemish free
You are beautiful inside and outside
Your skin glows with beautiful radiance
Your skin is smooth and soft
My skin is flawless and it glows
I choose clear skin
I am scar freeĀ 
My skin renews daily
I am dimple freeĀ 
I love and approve of my self
You pronounce your beauty
I take good care of my skin
I drink extra amounts of purified water
I eat natural organic foods
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