The Orbital Series - Ethereal Vocals Vol. 1

Whats inside:
50 wet/dry vocal samples
237.7 MBs
crystal clear 24-Bit audio quality.

As a producer, I’ve always focused on taking my creativity to another level. One day I decided to start incorporating my own voice as an instrument in my beats. I whenever I had the opportunity to my own voice in my production, I did. I’ve had several artists and producer peers compliment me on this technique. So one day I decide “hey why don’t I share it with the producer community”. It started out as a small project then quickly became more than just a small sample pack. I work with four different artists with many different textured voices. I made these samples with several themes in mind. I wanted these vocals to be unique, airy, dense and easy to use. You can chop them, reverse them, filter them, and they even sound amazing layered on top of each other. These are just the first of many Orbital series producer sample packs that will be available in the future. So please enjoy these dope samples and let's make something undeniably epic!

Philosopher Beatz presents: The Orbital series - Ethereal vocals
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