WooCommerce Force Sells 1.1.14 Extension

WooCommerce Force Sells 1.1.14 Extension

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WooCommerce Force Sells Extension Version : 1.1.14

WooCommerce Force Sells Extension: Do you have products or services that must be purchased together? This Extension forces products to add to your customer’s cart if those products are linked.

WooCommerce Force Sells Extension: Why You Need It

Do you have products that are dependent on one another and must be purchased together?  For instance, a service repair that also requires the purchase of service parts? Then the WooCommerce Force Sells Extension is for you!

WooCommerce Force Sells Extension: Normal vs Synced Force Sells

Choose from two force sell modes: Normal and Synced.

Normal Force Sells

Products will be added to the cart along with the main product. Quantity added will be the same quantity as the main product. In this mode, the customer can either delete the forced sell product or change the quantity after it adds to the cart.

Synced Force Sells

In this mode, the customer CANNOT delete the forced sell product OR change the quantity after it adds to the cart. Example below:

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