Elizabeth's Boy Haircut VOD - Digital Video on Demand

Have you ever seen American History X? If so, you'll recall the actress, Fairuza Balk, who sported an extremely short boy's haircut. This is the haircut that Elizabeth desired and received. Before summarizing Elizabeth's haircut video, you may have noticed that Elizabeth was here before for a haircut, but last time receiving a pixie haircut. This time though, she's having her hair cut even shorter. In the first part of Elizabeth's hair cutting video, she talks about plans for her hair before James Williams, the stylist, takes a few photos. Elizabeth is excited about going so short, and plays with her hair seemingly subconsciously. After admitting that short hair is her preference, the stylist wraps her neck with a neck strip and drapes a yellow cape on her, while in the 1920's barber chair. After her hair is sectioned, a pink Oster clippers with a guard, runs over her head hair falling to the floor. Elizabeth looks into the video camera at times, making it feel like you're there with her. Once the pink clippers have cut the bulk of her hair, the stylist combs through her now-short hair, and trims around her ears and nape with a portable electric clippers. Now the only long hair left is Elizabeth's bangs/fringe. After combing through, the stylist pulls out his hair razor and a scissor, and begins cutting the bangs to the proper length. When finished, Elizabeth decides for 1/2" instead of the previous three-quarters. The stylist snaps on a new guard and buzzes through Elizabeth's remaining hair again. Soon she is dusted off of shorn hair. A scissors and a comb takes care of a few remaining hairs that somehow missed the clippers. Elizabeth runs her hands over her new short hairstyle and says, "I'm a fox." Shot in HD, screen size 720 x 480, duration 36 minutes
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