358 : Damned Fiat Uno !! Starring Miss Amy

Miss Amy is away from home for a business trip.
She leaves her hotel and she has to go to an appointment with her Boss with an old Fiat Uno she never drove before.

She tries to start her car but this old piece of junk, instead of moving, is shaking a lot and the engine suddendly stops!

After a lot of tries, she can finally make to hit the road ... but this car has serious troubles and also, Miss Amy is not used to drve manual transmission cars so that her trip is becoming a real nightmare !!

Not only .... she doesn't know the road to take, she gets lost a couple of times and the car is still stalling!When finally she's on the good way she finds out another problem: the engine starts to smoke! Did she punctured the radiator? What is the trouble now? There is no one around who can help her, and the car doesn't want to restart ....
Miss Amy is in real distress !!
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