Bike ride Adventures vol 2

In Bike Ride Adventures volume 2 you get 11 takes from my trip around the city. All sounds were recorded with Sony D100 and Uši omni microphones from LOM at 96 kHz and 24 bit. Combined, you get around 40 minutes of various city ambiances with minimal people activity (1,3 GB unzipped). Also included is a short take outside the shooting range (around 3 - 4 shots) and a short take of a train and chopper passing by. Metadata included in separate file, file itself and main keywords in the filename.

If you like the sounds and find them usable please consider donating.

Bike ride Adventures is a pay what you want library.

File list:
AMB Birds Trains Cars Balcony Window Wind HUM INT (7:41)
AMB City Football Girls WarmingUp Church Bells Birds Wind Car Passby EXT (3:41)
AMB City Forest Birds Wind Church Bell Traffic EXT (5:33)
AMB City Forest Birds Wind Train Traffic EXT (3:34)
AMB City Shooting Range Short EXT (0:57)
AMB City Traffic River Ambulance Passby EXT (2:02)
AMB Park River City Cars EXT (6:15)
AMB Rural City Birds Dogs EXT (4:43)
AMB Train Passby Chopper Passby Slow EXT (0:58)
AMB Under Bridge Cars Passby Hum EXT (2:01)
AMB Water Stream Birds EXT (3:17)
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