Miki Santamaria - Extreme Slap Bass Solo Vol2 - Tabs & Backing Tracks

Do you wanna learn how to play Miki Santamaria's "Extreme Slap Bass Solo Vol 2"?

Another epic bass solo by Miki Santamaria, released in December 2016.
This melodic slap bass solo includes some cool techniques and tricks that will definitely help you improve your skills and your groove.

Here is the Tab (tabbed by Miki himself) and the drum track in 5 different tempos so you can practice it from a very slow tempo (70 bpm) up to the original tempo (104 bpm).
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Quieres aprender a tocar el "Extreme Slap Bass Solo Vol 2" de Miki Santamaria?
Aquí tienes la tablatura (transcrita por Miki) y la pista de batería en 5 tempos distintos para que puedas practicar este solo desde un tempo muy lento (70 bpm) hasta el tempo original (104 bpm).
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