SPECIAL SALE # 2 : Miss Penny, Miss Chanel and the stubborn Fiat Panda

Miss Chanel and Miss Penny are two Vicky's friends, and they have to deal  with the most temperamental car that the Pedal Vamp group has: the cute, little, white Fiat Panda!

They both are wearing a dress and heels, and they are going to an important appointment in the city. To be there on time, they hope that the little Panda is going to be a nice girl and not a little asshole and leave them stranded in the parking lot.

So, after some time trying to unlock the car and open the door, they finally made it to the inside, they sit down and the battle begins!

Obviously the engine doesn't want to start up for them, and they are seriously worried to be there late, that's why they try in every way to start the engine!

 They pump the accelerator rapidly and then slowly, they try with or without heels, they switch seats because maybe the other one is better than the first one.

 They can't understand why it doesn't work, Miss Penny has just collected the car from the mechanic and he ensured her that it was working!

After a lot of tries the little Panda roars to life, and they want to make it understand that they don't like at all to be left stranded in a parking lot, revving the engine so hard!

Did the little Panda understand the message? Or will it leave the two beautiful misses stranded on the way to the appointment?
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