PSY 250 Week 5 Person-Situation Interactions Presentation

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5 Person-Situation Interactions PresentationPrepare a 10-12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation which will include speaker
notes that explain the bullet points of the slide presentation,  using one
of the following scenarios, or create your own with instructor approval, in
which your team applies the perspective of personality, based on
person-situation interactions: 

  • Sharon is talkative and friendly to guests she has
    invited over for a dinner party. She mingles freely in the various social
    circles that have developed throughout her home. Her guests enjoy her
    carefree attitude and enjoy the time spent with her. When one of her
    guests decides to return the favor, Sharon arrives to discover she only
    knows her host. She quickly gets a drink and spends most of the night
    sitting in a chair tucked away in a corner, set away from the social
    interactions. At dinner, she keeps to herself and answers questions with
    no more than three words at a time. When dinner is over, she thanks her
    host and quickly leaves, avoiding saying farewell to any of the other


  • Isabella is a sophomore in college who is spending
    her Spring Break at Rocky Point for the first time. She drinks heavily,
    engages in sexual activity with strangers, sleeps through the day to be
    ready to party at night, and spends most of the week in a bikini. She is very
    outgoing with everyone she meets. When the semester ends, Isabella goes
    home for the summer to be with her parents. Isabella dresses
    conservatively, and is usually home by midnight, unless she spends the
    night at a friend's house. Her parents believe her sexual activity has
    been limited to a boyfriend she dated for two years. Isabella has not
    mentioned dating anyone since the break up. When she goes to the beach
    with her parents, Isabella wears a one piece bathing suit. She is
    generally outgoing, friendly, and considered a "good girl." Her
    parents had once hoped she would marry the boy next door, until he got a


  • Rick is the CEO of a small company. He shows up
    every day to the office in an Armani suit and tie and is very professional
    with his staff. Meetings are also held in a professional atmosphere where
    the time is planned carefully and only professional matters are discussed.
    His employees respect him and he is considered a fair boss but little is
    known of his personal life. He is cordial but does not invite conversation
    outside of work matters. After finishing a major project, Rick decides to
    hold a company picnic. At the picnic, he is dressed in a polo shirt and
    khakis. He is friendly, relaxed, and takes an active role in serving the
    food to all the employees. At first, his employees are unsure how to
    respond but slowly start to relax. Later when he overhears a group of
    employees discussing the previous night's basketball game, he joins the
    conversation with enthusiasm and debates over which were the best plays of
    the night. He asks Linda about her mother, who had recently been
    hospitalized. Linda was unaware that Rick knew about the incident. On
    Monday, Rick is dressed in his Armani suit and tie and nods cordially to
    his employees as he heads to his office.

Include the following parts in your presentation: 

  • Provide a summary of the scenario.

  • Decide on two theorists associated with studying
    person-situation interactions and apply their theories to the scenario.

  • Describe the influence of the situations on
    personality and behavior.

  • Within the scenario, examine how the individual's
    personality changed given the situation.

Provide your name on the slides and notes
you provide for the presenttionProvide at least  5 references:
textbook, 2 from UOP LIbrary, and 2 from Internet . Each one must be properly
cited in the speaker notes.Provide APA format for the references,
however you may single space the list.You may single space the speaker notes.Remember that the title slide and the
reference slide do not count in the total slides.The title slide must show each team
member's name.You are each responsible for the
authenticity of the presentation.

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