VIDEO - Railroad Rapunzel


Kateryna is an amazing model and this video has some great hair action!
Her hair is flying everywhere in the wind! 
She is tossing it around, whipping it, swinging and swaying it, sometimes in calmer movements and sometimes in crazy movements, to make a perfect variation for you, the viewer, to enjoy.

Kateryna has blonde knee length hair, and she really enjoys having it.
She has told us that she probably will grow her hair even longer as long as it stays healthy, so she is really in love with very long hair, but who isn´t?

In this video, you will see pigtails, double buns, a big bun and bundrops, braiding, hair shaking, swinging, swaying and "whipping", length display, stroking, running her fingers through it, brushing and much more!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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