Tiik Sounds: Monstercat Style FLP

Ever wanted the sound of Monstercat? well Tiik Sounds have already helped you with the basics, in this template you will receive a break, build & drop idea for a Monstercat inspired project. you will also gain the Presets , Midi , & Samples.

To have no issues with the project you will need the following:

Fl Studio 12.3
Sylenth 1 2.21
Massive 1.4.0
Fabfilter Pro-Q 2
Endless Smile 64
Fabfilter Pro-L
LFO Tool
Combear (Not Important!)
MagicStereo (Not Important!)
iZotope Trash 2
PSP VintageWarmer2 (Not Important!) (You could replace this with any other Multiband Compressor)
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