Glowstone Mountain / Nether Spawn

Around 190Wx170L.

More screenshots (of GS version):

3 Creeper spawners spread throughout the map (2 up top, 1 bottom)
Multiple Magma Cube spawners around the build.
Big glowstone sphere and small patches of glowstone around the whole build.
3 ways up (shown on Imgur album)

The Nether Spawn version adds a portal to the main structure(, removes big glowstone sphere and all spawners.

After purchasing you will recive a .zip file which contains world save and .shematic file.
If you have any problems be sure to hit me up on Skype (zukons_)

*Note, this build is not exclusive*

By buying this product you agree not to:
- Resell or redistribute the build in any way
- Claim it as built by you
- File a payment dispute

*This build was not created by me*

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