Transform to Freedom Book 1, What You Haven`t Been Told.

`Transform to Freedom, Book I: What You Haven't Been Told by Elliot Sabino tackles the most universally accepted explanations for key events throughout history, and presents clear, rational, and well documented arguments that things did not happen as we assume. We take it for granted that the Titanic sinking was no more than a tragic accident, but Elliot Sabino presents a solid case that not only was it an "insurance job," but that the ship that sank was not even the Titanic! In straight forward fashion, Sabino comprehensively builds a case that this was the first mass-cover up in modern history. Elliot Sabino questions a surprising number of history's most famous assumptions and offers plausible arguments that money and power were behind them.

Transform to Freedom, Book I: What You Haven't Been Told is an exciting read that explores the dark side of wealth and power from the very beginning. Elliot Sabino gets right to the point in clear, concise language, presenting well supported evidence that wealth and power have controlled what we accept as random events. Transform to Freedom is well written, well referenced, and surprisingly comprehensive for its length. Those that want straight forward facts and where to find further discussion on history's most explosive subjects will enjoy this work. This is a must-read for those who are questioning world events and finding too many coincidences that appear to result in the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few` Robert Kirkconnell, for Readers` Favorite.

This e-book is 98, B5 sized pages, and 28,999 words in length.
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