Acc450 Advanced Accounting: 10-2 SRP Company (Reorganization Entries and Balance Sheet)

Acc450 Advanced Accounting

P10-2 Reorganization Entries and Balance Sheet
On September 30, 2008, SRP Company filed a petition for reorganization with a bankruptcy court. The plan was approved by the court and all parties of interest on January 2, 2009, when SRP Company’s balance sheet was as follows:

SRP Company Balance Sheet January 2, 2009

Cash $32,200

Accounts receivable $71,450

Less: allowance for uncollectibles 16,750 54,700

Inventories 126,600

Plant & Equipment 322,000

Less: accumulated depreciation 180,700 141,300

Land 20,800

Patents 92,000

Total Assets 467,600

Current liabilities

Accounts payable – unsecured 142,700

12% Notes payable – unsecured 57,000

Accrued Wages - with priority 11,900

Accrued Interest payable 38,400

Total Current Liabilities 250,000

10% note payable – unsecured 54,400

9% mortgage note payable - secured by equipment 80,000

Stockholders’ Equity

Common stock $ .50 par value, 2,500,000

Shares Authorized, $480,000 shares issued and Outstanding 240,000

Retained Earnings (deficit) (156,800)

Total Equities 467,600

The terms of the organization plan are as follows:

1. Creditors represented by $69,000 of the unsecured accounts payable agree to accepts the accounts receivable of SRP Company in full settlements of their claims. The fair value of the receivables is $51,000.

2. Creditors represented by $54,000 of the unsecured accounts payable agree to accept a patent with a book value of $42,000 and a fair value of $50,000 in full settlement of their claims.

3. Creditors of the remaining unsecured accounts payable agree to accept $.60 on the dollar. Cash is paid to these creditors and to the creditors with priority.

4. The creditors holding the 12%, $57,000 note (on which there is $11,900) accrued interest ) agreed to extend the due date for two years from January 3,2009, and to reduce the interest rate to 6% on the current carrying value of the debt ($63,000), payable annually.

5. the holder of the 10%, $54,400 unsecured note (on which these is $11,900 accured interest ) agreed to cancel the accrued interest and $14,400 of the principal; interest on the new note at 10% is due annually, with the principal due on January 3,2012.

6. the holder of the 9%, $80,000 mortgage note (on which there is $20,500 accrued interest) agreed to accept 100,000 shares of the common stock in exchange for full satisfaction of the debt. The common stock had a fair value of $.59 per share.

7. the par value of the common stock is reduced to $.10 per share and any remaining accumulated deficit is eliminated.

A. Prepare a journal entries to give effect to the reorganization.
B. Prepare a post-reorganization balance sheet dated January 2, 2009
C. Prepare journal entries to accrue interest on December 31, 2009, and to record the payment of interest on January 2, 2010
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