256 - Miss Melanie - trip with the old WV Beetle

You are in Miss Melanie garage, and she just took out her Beetle for a ride. She is wearing a coat, purple skirt, sexy stockings and high heels.

She gets in the car and then she gets out from the garage, climbing up a steep ramp! Then, while she drives around Turin, you get a close up view of her feet on the pedals, working out against this beast car!

She has to cross a lot of roads, so it's a start and stop situation, she has to use a lot her clutch and her gas! While she gets her car filled up with new and fresh fuel, she opens the driver door and starts dangling her feet.. Those heels are really high!

After the filling up, the car stalls and doesn't want to start up again! Is it not liking the new fuel? With a lot of gas pumping she manages to restart it and the driving goes on... But this time the car doesn't want to cooperate and it stalls again!

She gets stressed so she removes her heels to feel better the engine on her feet, maybe she can understand when the car is stalling so she can give some gas to the engine to keep it alive!

When she stops to wait for her friend to arrive, she starts teasing you a bit... She knows you like it!
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