Create a data file called friends.dat Solution

1. Create a data file called friends.dat using any text-based editor and enter at least three records storing your friends’ first and last names. Make sure that each field in the record is separated by a white space.

2. Using the friends.dat file from challenge number one, build another program that uses the fscanf() function for reading each record and printing field information to standard output until the end-of-file is reached. Include an error-handling routine that notifies the user of any system errors and exits the program.

3. Create a program that uses a menu with options to enter student information (name, ID, GPA), print student information, or quit the program. Use data files and FILE pointers to store and print information entered.

The programs should be written in C, and I am using Cygwin64 terminal.
It is very important that the assignment is done with the basics due to the fact that its for a fundamentals class. The book I am using is C Programming for the absolute beginner by Michael Vine.

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