While other avenues of entertainment are seeing a decline in sells over the years, movie theater box offices are seeing a steady increase in ticket sells from year to year. Millions of Americans flock to theaters around the country on a daily basis to indulge in cinematic adventures. In 2010, over 1.3 billion movie tickets were sold to movie-goers across the United States grossing over $10.4 billion in film revenue just in box-office sales (The Numbers, 2010). Most movie goers view films based on their particular interests and most of the times they voice their opinions of how successful a film was based on their viewing experience, beliefs and their own taste and preference. However, most of us do not understand what all it takes to create a successful film or what movie critics and reviewers are looking for when they rate a film. The process of film analysis used by most film critics and reviewers is a complex one that requires a lot of critical thinking. It goes beyond what most film viewers would use to analyze a film they saw on the weekend before taking their critique to Facebook or Tweeter. In fact, most critics and reviewers must view a film multiple times in order to properly analyze and critique a film and all of its cinematic elements. Even with proper analysis,
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