It is impossible nowadays to be a magician or mentalist and not perform an effect with a phone, smartphone, ipad, laptop, etc. The following mentalism effects look mostly hands off and impromptu. No special applications or sleight of hands are required. - OPEN SESAME Get any equipment unlocked without touching it! Easy to do, fun to perform, 100% hands off and impromptu. Works with any locked telephone, pad, PC, Smartphone, keylock etc. - STUCK A method to force any number with a borrowed iPhone (and maybe other phones). - CALC'ACAAN An “untoxic” ACAAN that uses any telephone or calculator to determine the number. - SERIAL KILLER A borrowed bill serial number is found by the audience with a borrowed iPhone. - BOOK TEST : A book test where a random number identifies the page,the line and the word on a line in a borrowed book. Works with any borrowed iPhone. - TELEPHONE NUMBERS Phase 1 :The audience gets your telephone number. Phase 2 : You get the telephone numbers of many participants in the audience. - THOUGHT NUMBERS DIVINATIONS A few spectators select a business card from many ones.They all have different calculations written on them. The participants each think of a big number and calculate on their own phone. At the end the performer guesses all the spectators initial numbers. - MY PIN A spectator finds your PIN code. Works with any phone/calculator/laptop. - YOUR PIN 1 A clever variation of the previous method where you find the PIN code. Works with any borrowed phone/calculator/laptop. - YOUR PIN 2 A different method to discover a PIN number. Works with any borrowed phone/calculator/laptop. - YOUR PIN 3 Another PIN number discovery. Works with any borrowed phone/calculator/laptop. - RANDOM CHARACTERS PREDICTION You place a prediction on the table. Many spectators type random characters in NOTES in your iPhone ,without looking. You predicted exactly their random characters. The following effects require a tedious one-time setup. But the clever principle in use will open mental doors and transform your iPhone into an extremely powerful prediction or confabulation tool. - NAME A CARD A spectator names any card (no force) and it is the one you predicted in your iPhone. - THINK OF A CARD 1 You give a borrowed deck of cards to a spectator for guarding, and show that you have a single prediction in NOTES or in the AGENDA on your iPhone. The spectator thinks of a card, takes the deck and shuffles it. Then he deals the cards one by one until he finds his THOUGHT card. You show your prediction : “(date and location) .Today, John will THINK of a card. Any card. This card will be 14th from the top of the deck.”. - THINK OF A CARD 2 A variation where you also predict the card.
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