Your Money & Your Mission Audio Class

Holly Shantara, will be your guide for this audio class as you learn to align your Your Money & Your Mission.In this class we address the charged subject of money and how to feel at peace with the energy of money, while still having a spiritual purpose.The energy about money is changing and upgrading in these current times.  Many people have a conflict about using money and being on a spiritual path. If you are here you are ready to clear your issues and have more alignment with your own consciousness around money – using it to serve your mission of being on the planet at this time.The overall intention for this class is that you will come away feeling like you have a better handle on how to have a conscious relationship with this substance that we use daily to support your mission and your creations.Included :
  • Why having money is part of your spiritual purpose
  • Tapping Into your personal spiritual symbol for manifestation
  • Dealing with financial fears including recession & global issues
  • Subliminal “texting” or how to program your physical reality for more increase
  • Clearing exercise for beliefs and family patterns around money
  • Lining up your money and your mission to serve your higher purpose
  • + More!
The results that you will receive through this rich and rewarding audio class is worth thousands of dollars and years of therapy. Yet, you can receive this all for only $9.99.