12 Strand DNA Rainbow Body Activation

If your soul is the light of the Universe personified into physical form, then the light body can be understood as the emergence of the soul expressing itself through your senses. It is more so a shift in consciousness than an object to pursue. As your light body activates, it signifies a deeper integration of spirit in form. As this occurs, you become aware of yourself as the light of the Universe experiencing life as a person, instead of a person trying to figure out how to integrate their spirit or activate a light body.

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The greatest of all the mystical teachings is the ascension of consciousness so that one can transcend the physical body and earthly realms. This practice, often depicted as a rainbow body or cloak of light, has always been reserved for the greatest of gurus and ascended masters. Despite each of us following our own unique paths of karma and destiny, the rewards of this practice are no longer beyond the reach of anyone.

Various mythologies, from Ancient Egypt to Christianity, have their own explanation of what this cloak means and how it has passed through the ages. In fact, we can follow the direct lineages of these secret teachings through paintings. No matter the tradition, they all agree that this shimmering cloak is a means of transcending the physical bodies and the earthly realms.

“My species is on the verge of a wondrous evolutionary change. A transmutation beyond our physical being. I am the first of my kind to approach this metamorphosis. They tried to convince us it was a sickness we would never survive, that the pain and energy pulses would kill us. They claimed we were dangerous so they destroyed anyone who exhibited the signs of the transfiguration.  You saw the mutations as a threat to your authority. You were terrified of something you couldn’t understand. Some suspected that what was happening to them was not evil.  Others will listen… now that you can no longer prevent me from telling them the truth. Those who are willing will follow me. “ quote from Star Trek next generation

“The entire universe is being affected by this changing of the vibrations and frequencies.  Nothing is escaping from this.”

What is the rainbow body ACTIVATION?

LIGHT BODY/SACRED GEOMETRY ACTIVATION. Your Lightbody is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe.

Attainment of Rainbow Body

 In Tibetan Buddhism, there are teachings such as in the Bon tradition where the five elements of the body are being used to refine the physical body to support the state of clear awareness or meditation. Those teachings say that in turn, the meditation practice transforms the physical body into the pure body. It is my understanding that when we use the body and its five elements in accord with the soul’s intent of being of service and to learn the laws of creation such as the law of compassion and love, the physical body transforms to the degree that the very smell of the body becomes a fragrance. This is not to be confused with the magical appearance of beautiful fragrances which come and go and which would be called a Siddhi. What I am referring to is the result of true transmutation of pure love or compassion.

When I was traveling in India I visited several temples, which were built for enlightened Masters. What I liked about those places is the fact that they all had the peaceful vibration of enlightenment, but each of the temples had a different feeling like different fragrances. I am reminded of reading in the book “Love Without End, Jesus speaks” (Ref.2) where Jesus says “Who you are is love” and “only you can love the way you love.”

I have been drawn to the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of attaining Rainbow Body and truly believe that this is not only possible for select Tibetan Masters but it is the evolutionary potential of human beings as we grow into the love that we are. There is a study being conducted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences by David Steindl-Rast and Father Tiso. The story is covered by the Snow Lion Newsletter (and it describes how at the time of the death of certain highly evolved Tibetan Masters rainbows appear in the sky and that the body of the Master disappears into radiating light, often releasing a beautiful fragrance and sometimes accompanied by beautiful celestial music. Both Tiso and Steindl-Rast emphasize that these experiences are said to occur only in highly evolved individuals who are the embodiment of compassion and love. They speculate these qualities- conscience and consciousness- are a driving force of evolution.

It is my hope that the healing modalities of Sacred Transformation may be of help to those who wish to embody those qualities of conscience and compassion and want to live the purpose of the soul through their sacred embodiment.

In order to obtain the rainbow body, you have to let go you have to let go of the pain.  You have to let go of all the drama. You have to let go of all guilt. You have to let go of all of the hurt you. You have to let go of the blame. You have to let go of the earthly connections. You must even let go of hope. All of these things are energies that ground you to this earthly plane of existence.

I have developed this system as a tool to accelerate the transformational transcendence into the next stage in human evolution homo luminous. The audio sigil the Radionic plate are all designed to take the user to the new level of conscious understanding. This system is designed to be used on a daily basis to strengthen ones like body and to shed away all earthly karmic bonds.

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