40+ Texture & Pattern Brushes: "PATTERNOIK Procreate Power Pack"

Power up your illustrations, paintings & concept designs with this unique pattern, texture and SFX brush set. Seamless high resolution textures make sure your artwork and concept designs always look great.

You get more than 40 brushes including:

  • 6 FRACTAL brushes

  • 8 TEXTURIZER brushes

  • 11 CONCEPT brushes

  • Mister ROBOTO - versatile hi tech spray brush

  • The CIRCUIT - drawing/erasing work horse

  • The DARKNET - powerful hi contrast brush

  • The ALIEN - scifi typo pattern brush

  • The FURBALL - organic pattern brush

  • The IMPASTO - impasto texture brush

  • The VINCENT - thick paint texture brush

  • The BRUEGEL - versatile shading brush

  • The BOSCH - rough texture paint brush

  • The PARALINER (alpha + beta) - parallel lines brushes

  • The PENTALINER - SFX ink brush

  • The ELDER - ink brush, not only for comics and cartoons

New brushes & all updates of this set will be included with your purchase!

  • [update 07-19-16] 3 BONUS brushes added: The PARALINER (alpha + beta), the PENTALINER and good old ELDER!

  • [update 07-25-16] BONUS brush added: The BOSCH (seamless pattern texture brush)

  • [update 10-06-16] 2 BONUS brushes added: The ACRYLOID and the DRY BRUSH 2.0

  • [update 01-05-17] 30 BONUS brushes added incl. FRACTAL brushes, TEXTURIZERS and brand new CONCEPT brushes

  • [update 04-06-17] Added 11 BONUS brushes incl. the ACRYLIC ANNA, HYBRID HANNA, FLYING BIRDS, BRUEGEL, and IMPASTO variants.

If you have any questions or problems using the brushes, just drop me a line :) 

Happy Procreating,

NOTE: You need Procreate (iOS App) to use the brushes, a pressure sensitive stylus is recommended. But even as a finger painter you can achieve amazing results in no time!
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