Charismatic Magnetic Personality MP3

4 Minute Audio Subliminal Mp3 Download

Having Charisma A Dynamic Personality Is Not Just About Making Friends Or Influencing People.

The Building Of A Personality Beyond It's Normal Limitations.
Raising The Bar On Performance To A Higher Standard.

Listening Instructions-
2-3 Times Day Or Night For Three Months

🎧 Headphones Optional

►Positive Subliminal Messages In Upbeat Music Below Normal Range Of Hearing.

I am charismatic

I am easy going & fun to be around

I have a dynamic personality total confidence healthy self image

I have a magnetic personality it radiates in all directions

I am charming & appealing to others

I radiate a warm & friendly attitude

I have a pleasing tone of voice calm friendly soothing cheerful & easy going

I am unique and have my own personal style i go out of my way to help others

People Find Me Fascinating

People Like Being Around Me

People see me as a positive personality & force

I have a strong incredible presence

I am positive self expression

I am genuine authentic

I am very happy being myself and it shows

I have high self esteem
You have an attractive smile

I am at ease in all situations

People find me interesting

I am charming enchanting & fascinating

You are magnetic you radiate the presence of now

I am powerful whole & complete within myself

I attract healthy positive people

I radiate good vibrations

You are charismatic

I have the ability to Lead persuade inspire & influence people with my positive energy

I thrive in social situations people are drawn to me & find me irresistible

I like people & people like me

I have a powerful presence cool confidence & irresistible charm this brings a healthy permanent change in my life

People love me and accept me for who i am

I feel good about myself
You draw out the best in others

I have my being in the world with ease

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