WooCommerce iPay88 Gateway 1.2.13 Extension

WooCommerce iPay88 Gateway 1.2.13 Extension

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WooCommerce iPay88 Gateway Extension Version : 1.2.13

WooCommerce Ipay88 Gateway Extension: A Malaysian payment gateway. Expand your WooCommerce store to Malaysian customers with Ipay88, the leading payment provider in Malaysia.

WooCommerce Ipay88 Gateway Plugin: Why You Need It

WooCommerce Ipay88 Gateway Plugin Requirements: You must have a Ipay88 account and your website currency must be set to Euro. No SSL certificate required!

WooCommerce Ipay88 Gateway Plugin accepts many currencies, including: Malaysian Ringgit(MYR), US Dollar (USD), Yuan Renminbi (CNY), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP).

Payment methods supported include…
Direct Debit (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, China)

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