223 : Miss Iris bad luck ... again !!

Miss Iris, dressed with a grey top, black skirt and high knee boots, is ready to go back home.

"I really hope you will not make troubles today!" She says.

She tries to start her car but nothing happens! She can just hear the starter motor running, but the engine gives no sing of life at all! What is the issue? She can't believe the car doesn't start up, it was working till the last time!

After a lot of tries, she can finally make the engine go back to life, but there is so much smoke coming out from the exhaust....Is everything okay? She is not that sure about the engine. Plus the car stalls a few times and it's hard to restart it, so she can't understand what is going on.... After a while she can finally hit the road!

The car runs fine till she reach a stop sign, she stops but also the engine stops running! And she can't restart it! She has to be quick before someone will arrive, because there is no space to overpass her!

After she finally make the engine start again, she goes around for some commissions before going back home, issue is that the car is always harder and harder to restart! What is the real issue now? It's so strange that the engine can't keep going....

Soon after, while going back home, she finds out another problem: the engine starts to smoke! Did she punctured the radiator? What is the trouble now? There is no one around who can help her, and she is in the middle of a field, without water...

What else can possibly go wrong?
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