DFA Fighting Systems - The Hook

DFA Fighting Systems - vol. 2 (Hook Punch)
The Hook Punch
This is the 2nd volume of our series teaching our entire system. It is much more comprehensive in drills, techniques and explanations than the Kali Phase series

Punching, Blocking & drills for the Hook Punch and Uppercut are taught in this volume.

You will be shown how to gain Power and Speed in your punches in addition to Blocking, Passing, Scooping, Muscle Strikes and Applications.

We also teach Counters to the Hook, Arm Drags along with Drills to help you to understand how to deal with a sudden attack, and greatly increase your speed, timing, reflexes and understanding of combat situations.

Last is shown 6 sudden Street attacks and how to deal with them.
This the second of many volumes to come covering the entire depth of our system. (1 hour)
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