DFA Kali Level 1 (new for 2017)

NEW! for 2017 (Wide screen) - Re-shot with all new footage
DFA Kali Level 1 (instant download)

This is the first of our Filipino Kali series.  These videos teach Empty Hand (Pangamut) and Filipino Weapons.  The program is easy to follow and learn from.

Phase 1 starts with basic Salute, Stances and Footwork.  Punches are shown such as the Jab, Cross, Hook Uppercut.  Kicking: Front, Side and Shin kick. Empty hand drills, Offensive drills, Kicking drills and 5-count Joint Locking Flow drills and Applications. 

You will also learn the Single Stick at Largo (long range).  Basics strikes, blocks (meeting the force), Abecedario (basic drills), Disarms and Locks with the stick.
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