Advanced Coaching Video

These 3 MindStrong videos are the core of the Mental Toughness Coaching Formula “I.C.E.”  Together they offer YOU the SELF-DISCOVERY of TOTAL CONTROL over your strengths & weaknesses.

 -INNER coaching video delivers a direct, mind opening session from Coach Andre’ that draws a map that points you to the path that leads to discovering, and acquiring your true inner self.  Clarity is brought to why you at times feel lost, unappreciated or less than others.  INNER exposes the confidence destroying tricks that are played on us all, and the tricks that we play on our self.  INNER coaching video educates you with the knowledge so YOU can assure to build a solid, indestructible foundation.

 -CALM coaching video takes the first lunge at revealing information to you that you may doubt.  The powers of calmness are explained in full detail so you can see that all power isn’t an act of aggressiveness.  CALM teaches you to look where others don’t so you can find and wield the powers that they don’t seek, and won’t understand.

 -EXPLOSIVENESS coaching video is where Coach Andre’ assess the mental and physical components that are necessary to create an explosive act that is unstoppable by your competition.  The intricate steps of how to explode properly are carefully broken down and simplified into a basic thought process.  Coach Andre’ even provides a training strategy that allows you to secretly enhance your explosion ability.
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