[MC] Overedit - 30 Seconds

[MC] Overedit - 30 Seconds

Are you looking for a professional Minecraft Overedit? Then you're at the right place!

Things I need for your Minecraft Overedit:
→ Song.
→ Minecraft clips (be sure they're 720p120fps or higher!)
→ Intro/outro.

Keep in mind:
If you bought my product, then you're not allowed to chargeback the money. Measures will be taken if you break this rule!

Waiting time to deliver the product will be 1/2 weeks but can be longer than normally!

You can always contact me by sending a message to this Gmail: [email protected]

You can also get a Minecraft Overedit of 60 seconds long, this will cost 2x more money. You need to adjust the price yourself! The total price will be 40,- if you choose this option.

Have a nice day!
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