Artistic Filters and Special Brushes for Clip Studio Paint

This is the ultimate add on pack for Clip Studio Paint.  It contains ...

Over 60 Artistic Filter Actions. these can be combined via blending modes to produce over 1000 differrent artistic effects.   Convert you photo or your art to resemble... Watercolor, Oil, Crayon, Pencil, medieval etching, pointilist impressionism, Emboss, inked linework, , stucco/impasto, Plastic wrap, Marbling etc.etc.etc.
and An Auto Action to create Seamlessly tiled textures  

Also  over 100 amazing new brushes,
including our extensive range of fire and smoke brushes. and the natural line tools designed for anyone who wants to produce work that looks real world ( less digital). Th Randomizer brushes provide a new concept for addition of Impressionistic complexity and mood to your artwork..
Also a set of layer style automated actions... giving you flexible drop shadow, metalic lettering, 3D lettering  and much more.  

Watch out for youtube videos we will be creating to showcase this amazing set of tools.
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