Acc350 Managerial Accounting: P18-42 Davis Consulting, Inc. is going to manufacture billing software

Acc350 Managerial Accounting
Problem 18-42 Schedule of cost of goods manufactured
Problem P18-42 is the first problem in a sequence of problems for Davis Consulting, Inc. This company was also used for the Continuing Problems in the financial accounting chapters as the business evolved from a service company to a merchandising company However, it is not necessary to complete those problems prior to completing P18-42.
Davis Consulting, Inc. is going to manufacture billing software. During its first month of manufacturing, Davis incurred the following manufacturing costs:
Inventories: Beginning Ending
Raw Materials 10,800 10,300
Work-in-Process - 21,000
Finished Goods - 31,500
Other information:
Raw materials purchases 19,000
Plant janitorial services 700
Sales salaries expense 5,000
Delivery expense 1,700
Sales revenue 750,000
Utilities for plant 10,000
Rent on plant 13,000
Customer service hotline costs 18,000
Direct labor 190,000
Prepare a schedule of cost of goods manufactured for Davis for the month ended January 31, 2016.
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