Homework 2 complete solutions correct answers key

Homework 2 complete solutions correct answers keyBefore attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments, hands-onlabs, discussions, and assignments to date.Write a Java program to simulate a pick 3, 4 or 5 lottery drawing. A lottery game of this type will drawvalues between 0 and 9. You should use the Math.Random() or the java.util.Random() class to generatethe values in the lottery drawing. The program should prompt the user for which lottery game they wantto play (pick 3 or pick 4 or pick 5). The program should also ask how many times they want to play thegame. The output should show the numbers picked for each game and it should sum each individualnumber selected into a total of all numbers. For example, if a user of the program made a selection torandomly draw 2 three digit numbers (as in the example shown below) the sum would be 3 + 5 + 0 + 1 +0 + 0 = 9. Here is an example of what a run of your code should produce.Do you wish to make lottery game selections? Y or y for yes, N or n for noInput from keyboard - YWhich lottery game do you want to play (Enter 3 for pick-3, 4 for pick-4, 5 for pick-5)Input from keyboard - 3How many games would you like to play?Input from keyboard - 2Thank you! The numbers randomly generated were:350100The sum of each individually selected number is 9Be sure to use at least two classes and at least one constructor method in your answer. Also presentruns for all three types of games. Be sure to have loop logic that allows the user to choose to stopplaying.
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