Miss Rhonda's Piano Lesson Book 1B

Miss Rhonda's "Learn to Play Piano" course Level 1B for kids ages 6 - 12.

Piano Lesson Book 1B is the second in a series of Rhonda Bradley's piano lesson books for children.

Each book contains a blend of popular children's music, along with classical favorites that have been re-written into contemporary children's songs. 

All songs contain lyrics and are illustrated with colorful images that children love and remember. 

This book teaches note-reading, rhythms, and basic music theory, with cartoon-style instruction and illustrations. Chapter quizzes, a final exam, a Memories page and a Certificate of Completion are all included. 

You'll love the songs! In Book B, you and your child will discover many old classical and folk favorites that have been completley re-written and turned into contemporary children's music. They'll never even know they're playing classical!  Songs like Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Bach Musette, When the Saints Go Marching In, and many more have been re-written and re-titled. 

 Miss Rhonda's "Learn to Play Piano" series for children has been used in music schools and elementary schools throughout California, and by students across the nation for over ten years. 

Book 1B takes a "C position" approach to learning to play piano. Emphasis is placed on music reading, counting, and a strong understanding of music theory basics.
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