Visco Fuse Machine Mk.2

Following the success of my first visco fuse machine ebook, I wanted to go back to the fundamentals and create a design that truly everyone can make! No drills, saws, or fancy hardware needed! This design takes the most basic of household materials and tools and allows you to create a fully functioning visco fuse machine. One of the best pieces of feedback I received about the first design was how simple and encouraging it was for beginners. I wanted to build on this strength and create a design that someone without so much as a tool set, let alone a workshop, would be able to make. This eBook contains over 5000 words and 69 pictures across 25 pages, which may sound like a lot for a simple project, but that’s because every step is broken down and explained thoroughly to make the build as easy as possible. The whole model could easily be made in a day and with materials you probably already have and without the need for specialised tools. The finished model looks simple, and to be fair, that’s the point! It took a long time to make a model that works well, but is also as simple as possible using readily available materials. The less complicated a system, the less there is to go wrong with it. Anyone who has battled the trial and error of getting a Visco machine to work without instructions will testify that the fewer times you have to thread the “Dies” the better! This design easily produces fuse at the rate of 3 feet per minute and the fuse itself has a diameter of 2mm and can achieve a consistent burn rate of 0.7cm/sec, even underwater! Not bad for a machine that you can easily make in a few hours for next to nothing! There are many good reasons for making your own fuse, such as: Once everything is set up, production of homemade fuse is often much cheaper than buying fuse. You can tailor the fuse to the specific requirements you have for a given application i.e. burn rate, fuse dimensions etc. You can have fuse “on tap” whenever you want it. Having the satisfaction of making the fuse yourself – after all, the whole reason you’re making fireworks in the first place instead of buying them (fuse and all) is because you appreciate having put in the effort to understand the processes and get it right for yourself. The PDF file eBook is ready for instant download at £5.00. All of the information you need to make this super easy Visco machine is right here in this comprehensive guide.
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