263 : Miss Iris revving and driving the BMW Serie 3

Miss Iris, dressed with a grey coat, black dress and pink high heels, wants to have a magnificent drive with a beautiful car.

Today she will use a BMW series 3, which is an example of "beautiful car", and she is very excited about it! But, before driving around, she wants to test this engine. After many times left stranded at the side of the street because of a terrible engine or because she didn't warm up the engine enough, she knows that a good and long revving is the key.

So she turns on the engine and immediately she presses hard on that gas pedal! She pumps that pedal hard, because the more she revs the engine, the more she likes it!

This engine is so beautiful that it's a terrible thing to not rev it like hell! While you get a closeup view of her pumping hard on the gas pedal, you hear the amazing melody coming out from the exhaust pipe and you can understand why Miss Iris is so happy to sit in that car!

Then she hits the motorway to test this engine to the limits, and, while keeping the revs very high, she slams the pedal to the floor and pushes the car hard on the motorway!

And you, as a passenger, will have a big smile while watching this clip!
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