Violet Multi Dimensional Cleanser

Violet Multi Dimensional Cleanser

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15 Minute Violet Sound Healing Frequency MP3 Download

Violet Is The Color At The End Of The Visible Spectrum Of Light-
Violet Is A true Color, With Its Own Set Of Wavelengths On The Spectrum Of Visible Light
Color Violet Represents The Harmony Of The Universe Highest Vibration

Violet Color Properties Include:
Spiritual Insights And Renewal
Decrease Sensitivity To Pain
Soothe Mental And Emotional Stress
Ascend And Dissolve Polarities
Counter Act Negativity Reverse Curses
Heals Delusions
Counter Act Depression
Divination Psychic Abilities-
Also Works With Crown Chakra
Contemplation Meditation Mysticism
Spiritual Fulfillment
Connects To Higher Consciousness
Reveals Meaning Of Life
Promotes Harmony Of Mind And Emotions
Contributes To Mental Balance And Stability
Spiritual Enlightenment
Encourages Creative Pursuits
Originality Inspiration
Peace Of Mind
Warmth Dignity Compassion
Future Imagination And Dreams
Humanitarian Selfless And Unlimited

Violet is the color of the humanitarian, using its better judgment to do good for others. Combining wisdom and power with sensitivity and humility, violet can achieve a lot for those less fortunate

Listening Instructions 2 X Day Or Night
Does Not Contain Spoken Messages Binaural Isochronic Tones
Violet Sound Frequency With Light Ambient Music
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