Ethan Sleeping & Unaware Gaming

***READ BEFORE BUYING***{These clips are from a failed shoot, only posted because several people have been requesting it. Price reduced}

Part #1: Ethan decided to lie down for a nap, one of the shrunken house mates crawls up in Ethan's bed to get his attention, surprised to see him Ethan licks him clean, and sets him in his shoe to rest up.  1st Person View

Part #2: Ethan invites some friends over to play video games, unaware to them one of their friends is shrunken on the floor.  He is too small for them to see or hear and his broken legs make him incapable of escape. 3rd Person View, No Audio, (lower video quality, see 3rd & 4th pic)

Duration: {Sleeping Scene}    : 2 mins  
Duration: {Unaware Gaming} : 1 hr 43 mins
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