Robert Frost homework and extension activities HSC AOS Discovery.DOCX

Robert Frost homework and extension activities HSC AOS Discovery

This is an extension resource or homework resource (digital only - it requires students to be able to click the hyperlinks and access the sources). It is based on extending students' knowledge of Robert Frost's poems 'Tuft of Flowers', 'Mending Wall', 'Home Burial', 'After Apple-Picking', 'Fire and Ice' and 'Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.' This was designed as a homework/extension reading roster for students in the HSC (Australia) who are studying the concept 'discovery' with reference to these poems, however, most resources are not discovery-specific, and would benefit anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of these poems and the process of analysing poems. 

These activities could easily be structured as homework tasks covering an entire term or unit of work, or to incorporate into lessons. There is plenty in it. I will regularly check back to make sure the hyperlinks are working, and will update as necessary. I recommend that anyone who purchases this resource saves a copy of each linked extension activity so that this can be used over and over again as suits you.

Because I am not the author of any of the linked resources, I have opted to make this a 'pay what you'd like' resource with a minimum of $0.90 (I tried to make it 30c, but apparently Sellfy won't let you go below 90c for some reason - if anyone knows how to do this, please let me know!!). However, as it took an awful lot of time and research to put together (a LOT of the video resources available on these poems are poor quality, in my opinion, so some frustrating hours were wasted trying to find decent resources), you are welcome to pay more if you feel so inclined :)

I hope you find this as useful as it was intended to be.
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