Dissolve Terror Influence MP3

Dissolve Terror Influence 10 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3

Terrorism Is A Fake Political Agenda Designed To Scare The Pants Off The General Public Causing Mass Paranoia ( Insanity).


I Will Not Give Up My Freedoms For A Little Bit Of Security

I'm Not Afraid Of Fictitious Bogeymen

I Survive Without Control And Manipulation

I Safe Guard My Emotions

I Safe Guard My Energy

I Safe Guard My Mind From Foreign Influence

I Absolutely Refuse To Project My Mind And Emotions Into

False Flags

False Drills

World Drama


Apocalyptic Scenery

Apocalyptic Scenarios

I Absolutely Refuse To Submit The I Of Me To

Foreign Submission





I Will Not Over React

I Absolutely Refuse To Be Scared In Any Circumstance

I Remain Centered And Balanced In Perfect Equilibrium

I Live In The Now

I Live A Normal Life
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