ENG 215 Week 4 Reflective Journals 2

·         Week 4 Reflective Journal 2

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Reflective Journal 2: Analyzing an Audience

Due Week 4 and worth 40 points

Most academic, political, and business papers have a specific primary audience, but they also include secondary audiences. 

Address these criteria:

1.      Describe the primary and secondary audiences for your selected topic.

2.      Explain reasons these are the major audiences for your selected topic.

3.      Describe the expectations these audiences have about a writer's research and evidence to support his/her claims.

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Discussion 1: Analyzing Essays that Offer Solutions to Problems

Please respond to the following:

·         Read the three essays in Chapter 11 (“The Nursing Crisis; The Solution Lies Within,” “An Open Letter to the Community,” and “Request for a Work Schedule Change.”) Analyze the arguments and compare the effectiveness of their thesis statements, proposed solutions, and evidence.

·         Identify which one you think is most effective. Explain.

Discussion 2: Comparing Writing Styles

Please respond to the following:

·         Continue to analyze and compare the three essays in Chapter 11 and comment on their effectiveness or need for improvement in these areas: (A) opening and closing paragraphs and (B) cohesive devises (connective words and phrases, word repetition, transitional sentences and paragraphs).

·         Provide examples from the essays and explain the reasons for your views.