BSCOM 260 Week 5 Final Project Training Instructions

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BSCOM 260 Week 5 Final Project Training

Complete the
following as a team

On the page following the cover page for the assignment
do the following
this page does not count toward the required 3-5 MS Word or 8-10
PP pages):

  • As a team, write one objective for your training. The objective
    should be written as a complete sentence and begin with an action verb,
    such as in the following example:

    • Apply the format painter to select document

  • Groups may
    have more than one objective. If this is the case, write out the
    additional objective or objectives.

  • As a team, indicate the specific intended audience 

On the subsequent assignment pages write in structures
for the complete training
your selected topic in one of the following formats:

  • A Microsoft® Word
    document consisting of 3 to 5 pages

  • An 8- to
    10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation

Ensure final submissions are edited for grammar,
puncutation, and mechanics.  Edit for cohesive voice and style.  It
is highly recommended to test the instructions to ensure they are functional
for the proposed audience.
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