The Flint Hill Scrolls - PDF eBook

The Flint Hill Scrolls - The Forbidden Book of Banjo Knowledge (PDF eBook) Written by Bradley Laird.

Whether you have been playing 10 days or 10 years, there is something in this book for you. This unique book takes you on a journey of exploration and will decode a lot of the musical mysteries of banjo picking and understanding how to navigate the fingerboard. This fun conversational style of teaching will lead you to a better understanding of:

• Easily locating every chord on the banjo
• Leaping long distances without fear
• What divides the great players from the so-so
• How chords are whittled down to solo licks
• How to think, speak and play in musical code
• How one note changes the entire band sound
• Painting using color chords & licks
• Understanding the world of major and minor
• The bluegrass & blues connection
• Locating the "blues" in between major and minor
• Why we play the notes we play ...and a lot more!

If I could sit with a banjo picker for a weekend, and they had a lot of questions, this book is a script for what I would share with you. The book includes copious chord charts, diagrams, tables and tabbed out examples of scales, chords, backup licks, lead solo licks, and even a few cartoons. The book also contains 6 self-tests (with the answers at the end) to be sure you understand the material.

As a free bonus I also include a video of a banjo workshop presentation I gave in 2007 which meshes perfectly with the chord information in the book. Have fun and happy pickin'!

107 page printable PDF file format eBook and 27 minute workshop video.
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