Project Interface

DescriptionThis project will demonstrate the following:
  • I can design a basic interface in Java that will be used to create other classes.
  • I can design several classes that implement the interface.
  • I know how to override the toString() method from the Object class.
  • I can demonstrate using overriding with other methods.
  • I can create a professional UML class diagram using my code and add-on tools.
Code requirementsInterfaceWrite a parts interface that can be used to create new classes used by the inventory program
  • It will include at least one static property
  • It will include at least three methods.
ClassesWrite two classes that implement the parts interface.
  • Include at least three private properties
  • Include at least one protected property
  • Include at least two constructor methods (One will be the default.) You can have more constructors if you think it will make your class more useful.
  • Include setters and getters for the properties you want exposed for other classes to use.
  • Include at least one method tha tis unique to each class.
ChildrenWrite a child class that inherits from one of the three classes
  • Include one method that overrides the method that is unique to it's parent class.
  • Use the @override compiler tag.
  • Directly access the protected variable from the parent class using the correct keyword.
TestWrite a test program that creates objects from each of the three classes and stores them in a data structure, such as an ArrayList. Demonstrate polymorphism by looping through the data structure and displaying information unique to each class.
  • Write a simple method that displays a short simile for each of the following showing your understanding of the term.
  • Call the method so the results display in the console after all the other output.
  • Please keep your instructor interested by thinking of your own similes and not using the ones he beat to death in class.
  • Include a UML diagram
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