Financial and Managerial Accounting: PR(22)7-4A Bio-Care, Inc.

Financial and Managerial Accounting

PR(22)7-4A Standard factory overhead variance report
Bio-Care, Inc., a manufacturer of disposable medical supplies, prepared the following factory overhead cost budget for the Assembly Department for March 2010. The company expected to operate the department at 100% of normal capacity of 18,000 hours.

Variable Cost
Indirect factory wages 135,000
Power and lights 93,600
Indirect materials 25,200
Total variable cost 253,800
Fixed cost
Supervisory salaries 72,000
Depreciation of plant & equip 51,500
Insurance & property tax 24,100
Total fixed cost 147,600
Total factory overhead cost 401,400

During March, the department operated at 16,900 hours, and the factory overhead costs incurred were indirect factory wages, $126,320; power and light, $88,110; indirect materials, $23,220; supervisory salaries, $72,000; depreciation of plant and equipment, $51,500; and insurance and property taxes, $24,100.

Prepare a factory overhead cost variance report for March. To be useful for cost control, the budgeted amounts should be based on 16,900 hours.
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