Fundamentals of Financial Accounting: PB1-3 The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated reported the

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

PB1-3 Reporting Amounts on the Four Basic Financial Statements
The Cheesecak Factory Incorporated reported the following information for the fiscal year ended January 2, 2007. Amnounts are in the thousands of dollars.

Accounts Payable 45,570 Other Assets 186,453

Accounts Receivable 11,639 Other Liabilities 126,012

Wages and Other Expenses Payable 117,226 Other Revenues 8,171

Cash (balance on January 3, 2006) 31,052 Retained Earnings (beginning) 440,510

Cash (balance on January 3, 2007) 44,790 Prepaid Rent 43,870

Food and Supplies Expense 333,528 Property and Equipment 732,204

General and Administrative Expenses 72,751 Restaurant Sales Revenue 1,315,325

Food and Supply Inventories 20,775 Utilities and Other Expenses 414,978

Notes Payable 39,381 Wages Expense 420,957

Contributed Capital 239,744 Dividends 49,994

Other cash flow information:

Additional investments by stockholders 33,555

Cash paid to purchase equipment 243,211

Cash paid to suppliers and employers 1,123,353

Repayment of borrowings 170,242

Cash received from customers 1,276,008

Cash received from borrowings 175,000

Cash received from sale of long-term assets 115,975

Dividends paid in cash 49,994

Prepare the basic financial statements for the fiscal year ended January 2, 2007.
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